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Should he Stay or should he go?


Whichever way you cut it a player like Ste G should never leave a club like Liverpool…or should he?

In today’s world of football a player that has a true bond with a club and the fans is extremely rare.  Seven Gerrard is one of those few players that can put his hand on his hart and say he is and always will be.

In fact, you could say he is one of the few players which other players want to play with, which in turn attracts good players to the club.

So why is it an outstanding servant like Gerrard has been handed his UB40?

The USA’s and other countries growing popularity for (“FOOTBALL” not soccer”) has seen a sharp spike in demand for top players, which in turn has raised the interest of agents with players of the same age group of Gerrard, who are looking to get the last few million shekels before the players hang up their boots.

And who would blame him, lets face it if we could play footie like Gerrard we would make the same choice, after all he has to think of the family first.

From all the Dutch Reds we wish him all the best and hope he does come back to the club again. STE G A TRUE LIVERPOOL PLAYER!

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