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Should Clubs take back the power from Agents?


What with the recent drama over Sterling and Henderson’s contact talks, would it not be prudent for the club to tie up youth contracts in a way that adds rewards as and when the player achieves his goals.

Impact Sports Management Sterling’s agents, have been in negotiations with Ian Ayre for well over three months to extend a deal that currently runs until 2017

Former CEO Rick Parry, said:

“ Negotiating player contracts is “getting harder and harder” in modern football “

Is Impact Sports Management is trying to engineer a move but Liverpool have no intention of selling Sterling, who still has two years remaining on his current contract.

The FA have decided to maintain a two-year cap on contracts between agents and players, ignoring FIFA’s initial suggestion that contracts could be for ‘any period’, whereby shady characters could take advantage of vulnerable players and their families.

The forma Liverpool CEO also commented saying:

“ Sterling shouldn’t even be considering leaving Anfield at this stage of his career”.

Parry  goes on to say:;

“As a club you need to come up with what you think is a realistic value, give the player the option and hope he stays but if he doesn’t no-one is bigger than the club”.

“We lost our fair share in my day. Steve McManaman and Michael Owen went but the club picked itself up and got on with it.

“As they developed and improved we felt the need to reward them. You can’t just do it in three or four-year cycles as that’s risky.

  • 2Messi

  • 1Maca_can_clubs_take_back_the_power

  • 4OWEN

  • 3 PARRY

  • Messi was nearly released from the club in 2003 because of financial constraints
  • Player always want a bigger move!
  • "We lost our fair share in my day. Steve McManaman and Michael Owen"...Parry
  • “ Negotiating player contracts is “getting harder and harder” in modern football "

An other point of view

“Is it so hard to gauge youth player potential?  Every youth contract has performance clauses written in the moment they come into the youth/team system.”
Unknown Liverpool supporter

How about a Development Clause

Should a development clause be added into a wonder-kids contract. Stating that the time and money invested in a players development should be rewarded with a minimum term contract for the club.

Providing that both parties are happy with the development  contract the minimum term of contract should be 7 or 10 years as standard.  This takes into account the players potential value of the investment in the player and safe guards the club from players using the club as a stepping stone.

Wonder kids are picked up in the scouting system as young as 7 year in some clubs even earlier. Surely if a Wonder kid comes in to a club at the age of 13 than at the age of 23 has options are open after the development clause is fulfilled. The development clause is a true sign of players and clubs commitment to each other.

As an example Messi played in FC Barcelona’s junior Infantil B and Cadete B & A teams from 2000 to 2003 (scoring 37 goals in 30 matches in Cadete A).

He was nearly released from the club in 2003 because of financial constraints, but his youth coaches convinced management to keep him (Cesc Fàbregas was released during this purge).

Is it about the club, money or life style 

Sterling made a comment saying that if he would have been offered the 100k plus last season he would have signed.

But when does money not become the deciding factor for a player, surely once a player is a multi Millionaire, other factors kick in.

We seen this with Luis Suárez one of the key factors for him was Money the family connection with his Wife, and of course playing in a team with Messi also helped with his decision to leave.

But if a club wants a player that has been developed by the club, then money becomes no object, Man U, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona to name but a few,  all have deeper packets than Liverpool. But they must pay the true investment of the development clause!


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