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A team is only as good as the Goal scores.

“A team is only as good as the Goal scores”

Mangers in the game use this saying, “A team is only as good as the Goal scores” In terms of Liverpool Partnerships we have had over the years some of the best were:

  1. Ian Rush and Kenny Dalglish
  2. Robbie Fowler and Stan Collymore
  3. Kevin Keegan and John Toshack
  4. Michael Owen and Emile Heskey
  5. Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge

Without question some were more successful than others in terms of silverware for the club. To make this point more clear, Liverpool’s transfer strategy has seen people wanting Rogers out and are spinning there wheels looking for answers.

Liverpool’s Twelfth man will make it clear as a bell.

Here is the detailed player salary expenditure of each club in the Premier League and the total outlay that represented in terms of percentage overall turnover for the top 6 clubs in England.

  1. Manchester United: £215m – 50%
  2. Manchester City: £205m – 59%
  3. Chelsea: £192m – 60%
  4. Arsenal: £166m – 56%
  5. Liverpool: £144m – 56%
  6. Tottenham: £100m – 56%

This shows that the clubs that pay the most wages get the top players, which in turn means Champions League football for the top 4.


 You think the Mangers job is easy ?

Just to make the Managers job even harder he has to contend with the FFP ruling which works in the same way as Margret Thatcher did, that’s to say the ones with money get Richer, those that don’t have the dosh get screwed.

Liverpool, with a lesser overall revenue ( 5 th place ) are already spending 56% of the club’s money just to maintain the standing.  And are still subject to an investigation under FFP rules.

Ah…I here you say what is the FSG ownership blueprint for success?

Player recruitment is not the sole responsibility of Brendan Rogers, Liverpool has a transfer committee. A team of people tasked with finding the right players at the right price, to fit in the mould of the FSG ownership blueprint.

The FSC Blue print

Liverpool should produce or buy the brightest young talent from around the globe and coach them to become the new Cristiano Ronaldo’s, Gareth Bales ect… If we coach these bright young talents into superstars and they get snapped up by the Madrid’s, Barcelona’s and Munich’s of the world then we trade them on for huge profit, pluck the next bright young thing, repeat the process.


It was said we can attract the top players because we had no Champions League to offer, this summer we did.

My question is…Who would have rather Liverpool spent £117 million on 3 or 4 world beaters than on 10 with potential?

You only have to look at the Manks to see what buy the top draw players does make a difference for a team.

Come January things must change.. The result of which will no doubt leave us once more outside of the top four come.  IF NOT then we will be back to the story of no Champions League to attract the top players.


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